Cool Stuffs That Your Dog Will Adore

When is the last time you showed your best friend some affection? We are talking about your dog, your true best friend 🙂

Don’t wait International Dog Day, to get your dog friends a gift and show them that they’re loved.

You could get them a bone or a ball, but some of these cool dog stuffs will make life easier or more fun for the both of you. Check it out!

Triceratops Dog Costume

Are you ready for the Halloween? Is your dog ready? Get him this hilarious Triceratops Dog Costume. It is fun, safe, and comfortable. You and your best friend will get all the attention.

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Pet Peek

This is one of the most popular inventions for dogs in the last few years. It gives your dog a chance to glimpse the outside world any time he wants with the Dog Peek Window. The window can be installed in any wood fence and features a spherical design perfect for snooping and peeking.


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Water-Proof Dog Boot

These rubber boots fit comfortably over your pet’s feet to prevent exposure to wet and cold. They provide protection from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals and hot surfaces. Winter is coming, protect your dog’s feet.

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Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Make sure you always know where is your best friend. If you’re not comfortable with using GPS chip that has to be inserted into your pet, this Tagg Tracker is perfect solution. This is award-winning GPS pet tracker that sends text and email alerts when your pet gets out. Just attach it to your dog’s current collar and enjoy the security of knowing your pet can be tracked if he gets loose.


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Doggie Pedal Water Fountain

You’re dog should always drink fresh water! Only thing he has to do is to step on the pedal to open the water fountain valve.

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Dog Goggles

How cool is this? Besides, these goggles protect your dog’s eyes while you two ride on the Harley 


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Glow In The Dark Dog Ball

You’re dog will adore this ball. He’ll have a great all night party. It is completely safe to chew.


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Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar

It is time to get your dog a new cool collar. Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar is a great everyday collar for dogs of all sizes. It is really durable an strong.


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Humunga Tongue Large

This is the world’s funniest fetch toy that’s been featured on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, CNN and Good Morning America. Multi award winning toy!


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