Incredible Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Halloween is just about to come! Do you already know what to wear? If not, we suggest you few awesome ideas that you and your fellow can wear together. Choose between ultra popular movie theme, well known blood suckers or different ancient spirits.

Harely Quinn And Joker From Suicide Squad

How much do you love this movie? Is it enough for the next costume choice for you and bae? Let Harley be on your side while someone is trying to drink all you punch or eat all the sweets.


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Vampired Lovers Will Rock The Theme

Need ideas to throw a vampire party theme? The allure of the vampire has always been great throughout time; something about being eternally beautiful, dangerous, and immortal always intrigued us mere humans.

Today hit books, shows, and movies featuring these dark and mysterious creatures have become a cultural obsession. Whether you are a fan of Dracula or you were afraid of Buffy, just put these ones on.



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She Is From Greece But Romanian Guy Took Her Heart

What is better then forbidden love in very old times? She is from one part of the world and you from another. Everyone is against your relationship, especially politics. Forget about country lines, feel the true emotions with the someone you love and fight for differencies. Make Rome and Athens become closer then ever!


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Cool Halloween Accessorize

For the final touch, you definitely need to bring some additional things to your look. The whole costume idea should be completed with a lot of make up and jewerly not only with the clothes. Can you imagine a warrior with out sword? Or a princess without shiny crown? Me neither. So check out this amazing ideas!

Harley Quinn Bat

Harley Quinn bat

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Suicide Squad Joker Wig


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Vampire Necklace


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Punk Vampire Masquerade Glasses


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Hair Crown


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Metal Snake Armband


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Wise Man Roman Sandals


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